wingsofaswan (wingsofaswan) wrote in cult_of_klaha,

Rare Klaha Picture Find =)

Hi everyone. I'm Ana ^^

I'm actually not new to the community because I was on lj before but deleted it. I was previously known as crazygacktgirl1(don't ask lol) 

Anyways I was wondering if this picture is from a live performance or a magizne scan? I actually never seen it before. I'm
always looking to find new pictures of Klaha.^^


He looks so beautiful. *0*

I miss him so dearly T_T
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Very beautiful.
I think this is from a magazine, but I don't which it could be^^"
I think you are right. I love this picture. :)
I've never seen this before! He looks amazing <3 Thank you so much for putting this photo up :3
I never seen it either so I thought other people would enjoy this picture. ^^
It wouldn't let me reply to your message because you have some sort of privacy on receiving them so I'll reply here instead:</p>

Hello :)
Strangely enough I was just about to send you more or less the exact same message! I think it's amazing to find people that have a lot in common with me, because they're rare to find, haha!
I like to get to know people quite a bit before I add them on Facebook, but I'll definitely friend you here if you'd like ! :D

Thats weird. I'll have to change that somehow. lol

Sure I will like to get to know you too. I'm always looking to meet new people and to talk to. Livejournal may be a dead site but I still want to talk and conncet with people here.

So I'll add you. ^^
Hey Sis!
All my Klaha/mm stuff is currently in boxes, but this pic looks familiar to me. So ill check my collection soon and let you know if I find it okay? ^^
Thank you sis! That be nice to know where the pic is from. ^^
*takes a wild stab in the dark* Possibly from the Gardenia tour pamphlet? I don't know, I don't actually own it. Nice to see "new" things, though. *sigh*

Thanks for sharing. It's lovely. ♥
yes! I'm always happy to see new pictures I never seen of Klaha. ^^

And you are welcome! I posted to the group so everyone can see it who love Klaha! :)
It's so sad, not knowing what happened to him. I hope he's happy, though, whatever he's doing.
yes me too! i pray dearly he's alright but also happy with himself and that maybe he just didn't want to make music anymore! idk. all i know is he is still in my thoughts!
I hope he knows how much we still love him, too.