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hi again!!

hi all....i know wev'e been very sad due to klaha's disappearence from the music scene, but lets not prolong ur sadness okay??

actually i've beens earcheing a lot about klaha these days and i found some nice mp3 songs from jis pride of mind days that u misght not have encoutered thme listen to them..i love all the songs....especially the one entitled the flower bloom in future...although it gets draggy at first..but in the end yyou could hear klaha's voice which was sooo awesommmee.... seems that he has showm his operatic vocals since his pride of mind days....ehehe so this song is good to hear for thos who misses his operatic voice :)

here are the links:

the flower will bloom in future

aterial world:

Angels of night:

hope u guys enjoy it!!
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