gardeniahime89 (gardeniahime89) wrote in cult_of_klaha,

hi there...

i'm a new fan of the visual kei scene..even though that i'm not a gothic lover and would not think of becoming one so far..i know that visual kei is a unique kind of art and i really appreciate it...especially when i hear Klaha's voice...:) i instantly become a fan of malice mizer's music just after lsieting to his voice..i think his voice brings the beauty and calmness to it...he truly has a gid given voice..

i really want to know more abot him...i heard that he is classically trained..and i heard that most of his live performances in malice mizer were not live at all..but wre mostly that true? i'm asking this out of curiosity..whateva the answer will be..klaha will always be the best singer i've ever encountered. he has a unique voice that is hard for others to imitate.

ps: nice drawing there...i wonder how klaha's cats looks like
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